Nordmøre spelmannslag was established in 1932 and is one of the oldest spelmannslag still active in Norway. In its early years the band practiced in Kristiansund, the capital of Norwegian bacalao. Our region Nordmøre is located on the western coast of Norway, south-west of Trondheim. Nordmøre spelmannslag is a non-commercial folk music band and consists primarily of fiddles, accompanied by a flute, two accordions, guitar and a double bass. We occasionally perform with a church organist and a local folk singer. Spelmannslag is the Norwegian word for a folk orchestra, where the fiddle is the principal instrument.

Original local folk music
Nordmøre spelmannslag represents the original folk music that has been played in our region for the last couple of hundred years, and perhaps even further back. Listening to Nordmøre spelmannslag you are assured that this is not a band set up to satisfy tourists’ demand for local culture.

Local music with European affinity
We play music that has a relationship to the music from continental Europe, as well as from the British Isles. The waltz was formed according to the new and more liberal moral standards at the beginning of the 1800s. The boy and his girl could now dance two and two together. The waltz theme was formerly a part of the old turdans, or square dance. Reinlender and polka dances came from the European continent in the 1800s. Mazurka, a popular dance in Poland, also entered the Norwegian folk music. The skotsk dance is inherited from our friends in the British Isles, but has conformed to local traditions over the years. Springar and polsdans are dances of ancient origin which have been modified to individual forms in different regions of Norway.

Listen to samples from our CD ... og slåtten klang døyvd i moll:


Vals etter Erik Husby 



Gammal visetone




Guds sønn har gjort meg fri

Fra verdendu mig til himmelen fører

Mollvals etter Nils Husby


Masurka etter Holger Aresvik

Hoppvals ette na mor

Bruramarsj frå Straumsneset

Skottenes hjemve

Lappekongens polka




Reinlender etter Ola Brekkan

Vals etter Knut Haugnesa

Bruramarsj frå Tingvoll

Bansull etter Gjertine Lindås

Sulla lulla lite ban